Same issue here. Staff uploaded files through Dropbox (web) at home and the files never showed up on NAS. I logged into Synology, top right corner is the Cloud sync icon, hover over it and hover over recently modified files, there was a line and under it was “[user] untitled.paper” and it said downloading and wouldn’t go away.
DiskStation shared folders in multiple versions using Synology Time Backup package. Shared Folder Sync allows users to synchronize a specific folder from Synology DS214+ to another DiskStation– a server-to-client backup mechanism that takes place whenever something is changed on the server side.

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Apr 12, 2016 · Seamless client migration—If you are running the previous sync client (groove.exe), this update seamlessly transitions without requiring a resync. For full details go here . Pause sync —A handy feature when you want to suspend syncing for a period of time, like when you are tethered to your phone or using Wi-Fi on an airplane.
We want to move to a synology. That server 2008 has Cloud Station Drive on it and his shared folders on the WD are being two way sync'd to a synology server hosting Cloud Station Server through his companies head office. The problem here is I have no way of checking that synology's settings. Their IT guy is helpful though.

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A lot of friends love their Synology NAS systems, not just because of the file sharing features (it’s not just SMB/NFS etc. but also a Dropbox like Desktop client) but also for the reliable Calendar and Contacts sync, there’s also a feature to make it available from outside of your home network.
FileCloud vs Synology NAS. Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows you to set up a unit in the office and add hard drives to manage files. Deciding between a Synology NAS or a complete EFSS (Enterprise File Sharing and Sync) solution depends on a number of factors.

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If the message "No shared folder available to sync" appears when you are trying to sync your shared folders on Cloud Station Drive, please follow the steps below to enable the folders you want to sync: Go to Cloud Station Server > Settings > Sync Settings. Select the shared folder you want to sync and click Enable.
To get started with file sync, just create, edit or load a file and drop it into the relevant folder. ShareFile will immediately sync that file, making it available to anyone with the correct credentials. Share files in seconds ShareFile sync works with our secure file sharing system to make distributing files with colleagues or clients easy.

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Apr 10, 2020 · That said, I’ve got all of my data including the Cold Storage drive up on the Synology and available to me at all times without having to plug in and manually spin up loud drives on my desk. And ...
File syncing and sharing, your way Get files where they need to be, without the middlemen or monthly fees. If you work or play on multiple devices during the week, or often collaborate with coworkers and clients on projects, then you'll definitely need a good file sharing and syncing solution to keep your digital life organized.

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The folders are already enabled as team folders in the drive admin console. However, they do not show up in the desktop client as you manually add a sync task. I'm saying it should show the team folders and let you select them at install time just like it sets up your private drive.

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We have an small client, 15 users. Workgroup, all users with Dell 7470 and Windows 10 Pro. The SMB have an small Synology NAS with raid1 (2 x 2TB red drives). 500GB of data is available via a shared folder on the NAS. Access via LAN is OK. They have 10 roaming users and they are able to access the shared folders with the Synology DS File ...

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Apr 21, 2019 · C2 offers data recovery through Synology’s Hyper Backup application – however, this requires a functioning Synology NAS, which you may no longer have after a disaster. A web based application is also available for recovery, although reports indicate that it may only be possible to recover one file at a time.

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